Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's been awhile...

My life lately has looked alot like this (mid-terms next week).

My house (which I hate <-- long story) is looking like this.

I haven't been cooking much because, well no time. My little Mercedes needs a haircut so bad, she can barely see. I'm such a mess lately :(

Things that are important to me:
1. Have kids soon (medically important)
2. Raise my children (no daycare)
3. Do something I love (i.e. cakes)
4. Finish school (3 more classes!)

Every single thing on my list seems unattainable. I'm unhappy with Mr. P lately. I want my own place. He had the house before me and it's become such a burden for both of us. It's too big to keep clean, the yard is too big to manage and the mortgage is too expensive. Everyday I come home, I'm reminded of how unhappy I am with my life and goals. I'm working on school and almost finished. Everything else is way off in the distant future.

Mr P and I are on such rocky ground lately because of the house. He's so focused on the house, I've been feeling like I'm off on my own. I told him to pay more attention but he said he has too much going on. I'm at the fork in the road again. Do I wait it out and hope things get better or just go and make things happen for myself ?