Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At least I get to bring home my homework

The weekly benefit of being a pastry arts student, is that I get to bring home food/pastries/desserts almost weekly. Whatever we make in class (1) goes to the restaurant and the remains is divided between the group :) The joys of college.
(Yep, I made that)
This weekend, I took some time to start a search of looking at condos. I don't know if Mr. P will be included in this decision and right now I am just looking out for my best interest. Of course other factors are playing into my search (such as breaking up our girls). I know ultimately, it comes down to what is best for myself. My attitude lately has been horrible and I'm trying to work on it.

I've started slowly working with a realtor and trying to get motivated with my homework for school and getting everything I need to done. I've decided next semester I will only be a part-time student. Full-time with a job is exhausting and not what I'm cut out for. If it takes me an extra semester or two to graduate, so what? At least I'll get the diploma and not become the wicked witch because of it.

I haven't made anything out of the ordinary lately for dinner and we've been eating out alot or out alot separately? Tonight I'm going to try making a bacon pot roast, yum? I'll try to post pictures and the recipe. I have a test to study for that got cancelled due to the Snowpocolypse that never showed. I miss my bloggy friends!!! :(


  1. bacon anything, yes. delicious pastry cakes, yes and more yes. taking more time to graduate at a pace that is better for you? triple yes, girl! but what did i miss about the condo search??

  2. You're so talented, i wish i could bake! I'd love to make something valentines themed. Any recipes?