Books I Want to Read!

Reading is one of my favorite past times. Since I have more free time coming I am starting a list of books I want to read.People constantly recommend books and I need to start a list. I love the site good reads, but feel free to recommend books here for me and I will add them to my list!

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson - I bought this book off the rack at Target because I couldn't get to the library and needed something to read over a weekend. I read it over a weekend :) It's pretty far-fetched and unrealistic, but it was a book that was worth reading once. I've since given the book to someone else to read and probably won't even ask for it back.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks - I read this book because of the movie, Channing Tatum (Yummy!) and Mr. P had to make me stop reading it because I was crying so hard. It was a very well written book and I think stuck closer to home now that my brother is serving in the Marines. I read the book first and then saw the movie. As usual the book was better :)

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks - Another book I read because it was made into a movie (Miley Cyrus). The book was once again better. Another book I cried my eyes out reading too.

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks - I'm reading it now and am about half way through it.

Intervention by Terri Blackstock - Originally I thought this book had something to do with the show on A&E (it doesn't). But it sounds like a good read so I will give it a try.

Candy: A Novel of Love and Addiction by Luke Davies - I saw the movie (Heath Ledger) and thought the book had to be better than the movie. I think it was an indie film, so I want to read the book.

Vision in White by Nora Roberts - There is a 4 set mini-series I definitely want to read. I love weddings :) This series is about 4 BFF's getting married and how they all plan their weddings. I'm sure I will have them finished by Christmas.

Bitter is the New Black:Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass,Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office by Jen Lancaster - Perfect chick lit light-hearted read. I love books that make me laugh and even the title is hilarious :)

Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts - A group of girls start a diet club that focuses on healthy weight loss and how your weight affects your self - esteem. This book was funny, but geared toward an older crowd than a 20-something :) I finished it in 2 days and it was perfect for Labor Day Weekend!

Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs - Sarah Moon, a comic-strip writer, is happily married to Jack Daly—until she comes home to find him entwined and naked with a business associate he had badmouthed to her just hours earlier. After five years of marriage, including months of infertility treatments because of Jack's cancer, infidelity is the last straw, and Sarah pack ups and leaves Chicago for her hometown of Glenmuir, Calif. Sarah uses her comic strip, Just Breathe, to vent her frustration and relieve her stress. The character, Shirl, is undergoing fertility treatments, getting a divorce and moving back in with her mom. (Courtesy of

Read a review on Paperback Princesses and now I can't wait to start it!
 Interesting storyline of a 16 year old that determines who becomes pregnant.

If you have a suggestion, feel free to let me know!