Monday, January 10, 2011

40th Over the Hill Birthday Cake

This weekend I was prepared to make an over the hill birthday cake. Turns out, my friend (who's mom the party was for) wanted to help also. We went with a few idea and I don't have the 3-tiered cake pan set :( It's on my list of needs at the moment, especially if I actually do start a business. So instead, we decided on doing a sheet cake with a hill on top. I was planning on making a mounded hill (circle shape) with a glass bowl and rice crispies. He had a different idea of having steps, covering it in green sprinkles and decorating it to look like a hill. This wasn't my best cake, but she loved it because her son made it :) It turned out better than I had originally thought. All I did was bake the cake and assemble the steps. I also helped ice. Other than that it was his design. 

Frosted cake with rice crispie treats assembled.
After decorated with sprinkles

Decorated with my chocolate 40 on the back.
This was the final product. Cody had never used royal icing before (or cake decorating writing) but overall he did a great job.
The steps were It's a boy (for Cody), It's a girl (for his sister), then their mom getting married to his step dad, and then her grandbaby (my godson). It was a great concept and I'm proud of him for the effort.

Here's the side view.

I love it :) It looks like a spring wedding cake, but he had limited time to find the figurines. Oh well.


  1. oh my gosh, how special! i LOVE the way the grass looks with the flowers everywhere. it's such a happy looking cake. SO GLAD you shared it here!

  2. Nice looking cake, hope it tasted as good as it looks!

  3. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste it, but I received many compliments afterwards. I thought it was special because the woman's whose birthday it was, her son really planned the whole thing. Turns out he actually is a pretty sweet guy.