Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And my new car is.....

You're gonna have to wait :P. We found a vehicle (hehehe) that I put a deposit on and we had to make sure the sale went through on my old car. I must have went to 10 dealerships last night. I looked at every type of car/suv made in the last 4 years within 6 hours last night. I'm super excited to pick up my car tonight. I paid a little more than I had planned on, but to me it's worth it. You will all find out tomorrow.
We had dinner at Chili's last night and they totally messed up my bill. They gave me someone else's credit card back so I'm sure that will cause a problem at some point :( Then the dogs chewed 2 pairs of my shoes so I wasn't a happy camper, but the car is taking everything away. I will post up something later. I'm too tired to do anything right now. 

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