Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar. Bonus it's Pay Day!!!!!

Happy Friday!!! I am so glad the work week is coming to a close. I took the pups to play last night and made out with some awesome baked goods :) Unfortunately, I can't eat many of them so I brought them to my guys at work and let them devour the calories ;) I should take pictures and post before they are all gone. I went to school with a guy that works at and his parents own a bakery close by.

 Check it out. There's a cream horn, peanut butter bars (to die for), oatmeal raisin cookies (just a hint of oatmeal) and I forget what the other ones are but they are all divine and homemade :)

Change of subject, but for the last three nights my bf has been talking in his sleep. It's the weirdest thing and he keeps talking about how "you can't make me" and "I can do it by myself then". Just weird.

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