Tuesday, August 31, 2010



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So, I had my ultrasound yesterday. I didn't get to talk to the doctor (probably not until next week) but the technician was pretty helpful. She said I had two fairly large cysts on my left ovary. They aren't big enough to need surgery but they aren't small enough that will go away on their own. She said most likely I will need to take birth control for a few months to get them under control. I will most find out what the plan of action is next week.
I made a comment that the pain medicine the doctor gave me wasn't really making much of a difference. I'm not usually one to complain and I hate asking doctors for pain medicine. I don't want them thinking I'm trying to abuse the medicine. It just hasn't been working since about Friday afternoon. She told me to call the doctor and ask for something different. It turned out to be fairly easy and he called me in a new prescription within a couple hours and the new meds work great! Although, I did fall asleep by 10 last night, lol. 
I started watching the movie the back up plan with Jennifer Lopez. I'm about 40 minutes into it and it's cute so far. I love her clothes and shoes in the movie! I can't wait to finish it. The bf even volunteered to watch it with me.

He's been super nice to me, probably due to the pms, but I will take it. I even got to eat a McFlurry for dinner last night, yum!


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  8. McFlurry for dinner!? Lucky!? LOL Sorry to hear about your cysts... I don't know personally how painful they can be but my best friend suffers from them and I see how bad her pain gets at times... so I wish you luck! Get better!


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