Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Oh, how I could use a Diet Coke about now.....So, last night I got a chance to meet my cousin's baby, Zachary. Now I'd like to point out what a cute little kid he is, but the truth is he was born with a cleft palate. The poor guy has had one surgery, needs another one in 7-8 months and 3 more before his 8th birthday and then (and it's only a maybe) he will look "normal". My heart, really feels for this baby. My cousin's wife had no idea until she actually had the baby and then I guess lost it in the delivery room :( So no pictures of the baby as of now, but I do have the pictures of the lil outfits I got him :).

Tonight, I'm going with my mom to take my niece to the fair. She loves all the animals. I will have tons of pictures since my brother is gonna need to see them too. 
I applied at 20-something bloggers and I'm waiting for them to approve my blog. It's like an elite club to get into. I'm hoping that will help out my number of blog friends :)

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