Wednesday, September 15, 2010

50th Post!!!

This is my 50th Post! I'm surprised I've made it that far. It seems like it flew by though :) And bonus, I'm in total good mood today. I think I'm gonna go grocery shopping after work and put my coupons to good use (I organized them this morning).
I also would like to check out the dog bakery at the local outdoor mall. I want to price out how much Cookie's birthday cake is going to cost and also if I should order the doggie desserts online or get them there. The problem is the ones online at are way cuter! They make bow-wow-nies and pupcakes :) I have a recipe for the cake, but I don't know a recipe for frosting (doggie approved) and I don't have a bone-shaped pan so I thought the cake would be easier to order. I also have to make the people food for the party, so I will be pretty busy over the next month. I'm glad I'm starting soon because I have lots of time and no school yet :)
I have sesame chicken for lunch from my mom's last night. I went over there and dyed her hair for her and then got home around 9. 
Poor dogs. Mr. P has tomorrow off, but of course I work. We will probably make our monthly trip to Costco. I just got their coupons this past week. Oh and I ordered a bunch of books off ebay and now I'll be expecting packages in the mail, yay! I think I ended up paying a total of $12 for around 10 books. The shipping is the expensive part, but I can always resell on ebay or just pass them off to friends :) I gotta figure out how to get into an online book club. Anyone have any ideas???

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