Monday, September 13, 2010

Restful Weekend and Check out my PURSE!

My weekend was very relaxed and finally gave me some time to just breathe. Mr. P and I watched Date Night on Friday after work. He kept saying how that was going to be us in about 6 years, hahaha. Tina Fey was alot like me, with the glasses and bumping into everything. Definitely a movie we will buy :)

Saturday we took the one of the neighbor boys to his hockey practice and watched that for an hour. It was pretty cool (and free) entertainment. He is one of the better kids on the team and kinda nice to cheer him on.
Mr. P decided to take me shopping for a new purse. I could not love that man any more than I did when he said that, LOL. We went to Girbralter which is like a huge shopping mall/flea market/idk. They sell everything and have tons of fake knockoffs. Mr. P knows I won't spend over $50 for a purse. I just can't justify it. So we shopped for about 2 hours (not just for the purse) but it was the only thing we actually bought. Drum roll please???

We went home, cuddled and watched The Expendables, which was totally blah for me :( I was really disappointed. In my head Jason Statham looks like Mr. P (mostly I think it's they are both bald and skinny). Fell asleep early, I was up by 730 and got coffee and the coupons and spent almost all of the day outside with the pups. I did manage to find a cute outfit for mercedes :) 
I'm also starting to plan Cookie's 2nd birthday for about a month from now. I'm looking at getting baked goods (doggy approved) and having her dog friends over for a few hours. I got the idea from Attention 2 Detail (check out the pawty! hehehe) and can't wait to try out some of her ideas. I wish I could hire her or someone like her to do mine, but I'm slightly strapped for cash to hire an event planner for my dog's birthday. I bought some clearance plastic planters that I'm going to decorate with ribbon to showcase the treats in. I also bought plates, tablecloths and a few bowls. So far, I think I've spent about $10. I figure $40 for the treats and I'm making all the people food myself.

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  1. i was thinking about renting date night tonite, so hearing an endorsement for it is very timely for me! thanks for that, lol!

    thanks so much for coming by the cape on the corner, i'm off to poke around your blog!