Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Hump Day! - Funny Story

Ok, so yesterday I had to work and it being the first day back after a 3 day weekend, it was long and I was cranky to say the least. I got out of work and headed home, but got a text from one of the girls about going to a softball game. MY friend, Dora (the explorer we call her), bless her heart, online dates ALOT!

I am all for online dating, I met my bf online (myspace, but it all worked out in the end). Anyways, she texts me that the game is at 730 so she'll be over at 7 to pick me up. So I decided I needed to dye my hair (already bought the dye last week). I went from blonde to red?!?!?! The box was brown, no idea where the red came from :( I'm so bummed. 

Anyways, she shows up and we leave figuring half an hour is enough time to grab some fast food and get to the field. She's texting this guy back and forth the entire time we are on our way there. He told us field 1 @ 730. When we get there, the game was already started. He didn't give us a team name and all we had to go on was a picture from his online dating profile. So based on stats 5'10" 200 lbs, blonde hair, we are trying to figure out which team he's on and which guy he is. We narrowed it down to about 3 guys when he texts her if we are there yet....he's the third baseman in the black shirt. Problem is, the third baseman has a gray shirt on....Are we on the wrong field?
So we start walking and find out there are 11 fields!?!?! So we go to field 2 cuz one team is wearing black shirts. So we hang around third base waiting for the black team to be on the field. Third baseman looks nothing like his profile picture.....Hmmm, we run into a girl that Dora works with and she goes up to the team and asks who their third baseman is and they same "Timmy". Nope, we are looking for a Joe. So, she texts him again and he says, "I'm on field 1". So we walk back to field 1 and gray shirt guy is there and no one is texting from the field. So then we start thinking maybe he's saying field 11. Either that or he's color blind.

Then I ask her, wait did you ask him what park to go to? LOL, seriously! We are at the completely wrong park. There is a baseball field not even 3 miles from my house. We went 15 miles to the wrong park! lol, I love her to death but BLONDE MOMENT!!! So she texts him how blonde she is, not to move and drags me to the car. We get to the next baseball park and go to field 1. Once again, we can not find this guy. So she texts him and asks if he is still there. He says yeah I'm in the dugout. And he stays in there, with these two texting until the game ends.
We go way out of our way to see this guy play and he spends the entire time in the dugout texting her. Then when the game is over he comes out, they talk for maybe 2 mins. and we leave. We get in the car and she can't believe how awkward it was, umm yeah.  So she drops me off at home (3 minutes later) and texts me when she gets home that Joe had texted her about how cute she is and thanks her for coming out to see him. How weird, he said like 3 things to her in person but texts her no problem. Maybe he's shy? I don't miss that part of dating at all!

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