Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love FALL!

Fall is my favorite season, especially since I live here in Michigan. It doesn't last long, because it starts snowing in the beginning of November some years, but the end of September through October I love! Taking photos of the trees when the leaves are just changing pictures is breath-taking.
I also try going to local high school football games. It's fun to sit in the stands and go on a "date".
 Bonus, wearing all the hoodies from high school in my closet with comfy jeans and sneakers! Also, buying boots for the fall!
 Going apple picking and then drinking hot apple cider :)
 Dressing up for halloween (we are still getting ideas) and carving pumpkins!
 This is definitely my favorite part of the year :)


  1. Fall is the BEST. I seriously live for pumpkin spice lattes, the rustling of leaves under my feet and good hair days, thanks to zero humidity.

    Thanks for the follow, by the way! I'm your newest follower, as well and am so excited to keep reading about your adventures! And your dogs are totally cute. :)