Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm in pain....again!

I am getting sick of my ovaries :( Besides the blinding migraine I've encountered for the last 2 hours, I now feel as though someone is hiding behind me and stabbing me with a knife in my right ovary, ever 17-22 minutes. I left my pain meds at home in an attempt to go med free today and that's a giant NO!
I can not wait to get home and curl up on the couch and take a nap. I have to stop off at the post office and get my books I bought on Ebay, which I'm excited about. I used all my motivation up at work, so I made it almost until 2pm on a Monday, not bad!
Tonight will be a microwave dinner since I am STILL appliance-less. I wish Mr. P would get his butt in gear and get the new appliances installed. He did work all weekend, but still I can not do much without an oven/stove. I'm already sick of eating out. I had planned on taking the dogs for a walk after work, but if my side doesn't get better I'm just gonna tie them to a tree and let them run in circles. They love it outside anyways. 
I know I need to hit the gym in a major way. I pay the membership each month, but don't always make it there :( I was much better at working out when I was unemployed and not going to school. I know I'd feel better, but my body has been miserable lately.
Oh and one of the guys at work got his MM card (medical marijuana) and has to show everyone he's "legal" now. I think if you get a MM card you should hand over your license, just because almost everyone I know that has one, well I have yet to find someone that actually needs it. Just sayin'. Ugh, is it time to leave yet? 
Oh yeah, I need to make a button. Anyone know where tutorials for that is? Google search, here I come!

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