Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I heart long weekends!!!

Oh my weekend was wonderful but not long enough! I did a ton of things that needed to get done. Although, it seemed as though everyone was going on an amazing vacation, me and Mr. P spent the weekend at home with the dogs. We had a lot of fun and I caught up on some missing sleep :)

Friday night we had a BBQ, but not after a kitchen disaster. Mr. P was trying to "clean" the kitchen and ended up clogging the garbage disposal. So we didn't end up starting to grill until 7 (company arrived at 6:30) so not too far behind I guess. We had marinated chicken, salad, grilled corn and mashed potatoes. They brought a blondie brownie cake, OMG seriously delish! Covered in chocolate frosting and caramel. It was beyond amazing and my indulgence over the weekend :(
Saturday we did hard core cleaning, ALL DAY. We did like 7 loads of laundry, we mopped, we wiped, we swept, we organized. I'm not a get into it cleaner. I like to do little things, but Mr. P likes to do thorough cleanings all at once. I took a 2 hour nap :) it was pure bliss snuggling into the blankets with the dogs.
Sunday, Mr P and I spent most of the day together. He went to his dads and then called me to bring over the dogs and we had lunch over there.  Then his dad and brother came over to look at the lawnmower.  So I took the time to go grocery shopping. I came back and all fixed :) My back was hurting so bad I had to take some pain meds. The bf thinks it's our bed :( so he has been bugging me to come to his work and check out new ones. We also need a new stove :( which he also sells. Its gonna be a huge bill when we purchase these, but we need both of them and don't have much of a choice. Anyways, after the grocery store we went to every store imaginable. We needed car mats for my car and a blanket for the bed, but not a whole bed set because we are thinking of going from a Queen to a King. I'm completely undecided on getting the King, I love cuddling and the room is technically too small for a king, but now that we have 2 dogs that hog the bed it would be nice to have more space...Anyways, he took me shopping for 6 hours! Such a rarity at our house, I took advantage! After a long day of shopping we had a bonfire in the backyard with the dogs! The neighbors came over for a little while and that was a pretty relaxed night.

Yesterday he had to work, so I read a book :) Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts, a good read for the summer and to give you a boost of self confidence about dieting. And shopped some more on my own. 

Just a single trip to walmart where I bought a bunch of stuff I probably don't need, but will use and a new book! The book is called Just Breathe. I'm on chapter 3 and her husband has cheated on her, she's done 12 months of artificial insemination and she's a comic strip writer. That's all I know so far. 

Anyways, the bf took me on a date to the dollar theater :) I love it there, it was actually pretty full. We saw Grown-Ups with Adam Sandler. It was pretty funny and Mr. P kept saying it reminded him of himself, lol. I enjoyed it, not sure why it got such horrible reviews.

We came home and I baked some chicken, nuked some veggies, also ate salad (I bought a container and we had some at every meal this weekend) and some italian bread. Mr. P bbq'd almost every other meal for the entire weekend. I made the break apart snickerdoodle cookies and brought them into work. Otherwise I focused on sides, eating and not getting too fat! 

The dogs were very good this weekend. We stayed home mostly but they were outside a lot and barely had to go in their cages other than the shopping extravaganza. Cookie has been sort of very mellow. No news about anything happening to her so that part is good. We may have to pay a fine and she is def going into obedience class. I also have to introduce her as a "biter" around new people :( I'd rather that, than her actually bite someone so fair compromise I guess :/

Now I have to get all caught up on everyone else's blogs! Hope everyone had a great weekend, now I will find out!

P.S. Side note I'm on a hunt for a fall bag. Mr. P tried to pick one out for me and he has interesting taste we'll say for now. LOL I don't know what I want but def not black. I have 4 just in my hall closet at this moment. I have a cute brown one but I don't wear enough brown. What's a good fall bag color?

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