Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work is taking over

I need a break from life sometimes. So yesterday I had horrible, lay in the fetal position stabbing pains in my RIGHT ovary (the cysts are supposed to be on my left) but of course, I had to work and I can't just leave. It's next to impossible and easier to get all hopped up on pain meds and plow through. I hate pain meds and I'm almost out so I'm sort of saving them for when I absolutely need them; yesterday I absolutely needed them.
After working all day I headed home and took an hour nap with the dogs, it was heaven :)  (Not me or my dogs in the pics)

I did manage to get Mercedes an appointment for today to see the vet to have her stiches evaluated. I'm getting a second opinion on my cysts on Monday :) It was the earliest appointment available and doesn't interfere too much for work. I'm also going to request a full blood work up because I've been feeling exhausted all the time and been getting horrible migraines. All of these "medical issues" are really causing me discomfort on an almost daily basis and really interfering with my life :(
I have a medical review tomorrow for my new anxiety meds which for some reason I thought was today. Thankfully the nurse called to confirm last night and it's tomorrow :) It's usually a 15 minute meeting, but this lady is only in 3 hours a week at the office I go to. Talk about inconvenient and of course, she's there from 9-12 or 11-2, some people have jobs so of course, I have to take time off work to go.
I followed everyone from yesterday but really haven't been able to poke around everyone's blog. Probably in the next few days. Work has been super busy and they're giving me even more stress-induced panic attacks waiting to happen. Now don't get my wrong, I LOVE my job. I've been here 7 years and it's been pretty much, my only REAL job. Like normal hours, benefits, vacation, etc. My job is by no means easy though. Everyday my job changes, I do alot of the same things, but when a crisis comes up it's mine, whether I'm in a good mood or not and I have to fix it. I shouldn't complain because I love my job and the people, but sometimes it's more than I feel like dealing with. I'm sure some of you understand what I'm talking about and if not, well you are lucky.
I need to do some grocery shopping tonight so hopefully my migraine goes away. Mr. P called and said he's probably taking today off so we will probably grill some dinner and watch a movie. Finally a night to relax. I also want to start on my spooky sign tutorial, hopefully by this weekend. Oh and this weekend we are using Sunday as a date day! We will be going apple pick and to a preseason Detroit Red Wings Game :) Something to look forward to!

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