Monday, September 20, 2010

Finally a decent weekend!

This weekend was like therapy for me. I seriously did some mega retail therapy, had date night with Mr. P and cleaned! Of course let's not mention how I wanted to bake something and still have no stove :( or that I woke up Sunday morning to find my lovely pups in the middle of tearing up a library book. Or how I woke up from a nap to find them gnawing on my fav college sweatshirt. Also, my phone is having problems sending pictures :(
I did nail down some details for Cookie's birthday. I made invites and made an event on facebook so we will have guests. Although the pups would be happy just to have a single friend over, let alone the 12 (yes, 12!) dogs we are inviting. Here is the picture I got for facebook. 
**Alot of treats were needed to obtain the following pose**
Here are the sweet deals I scored at Target and finally got the pictures to the computer!
I decorated the pots and have 2 green and 4 of the white ones. The black bowls have a silver dog bone that says "Feed Me" on them. I got those for a quarter on clearance! I'm just going to send them home with the smaller dogs as favors :) I also have pink bags that I'm going to decorate to say "Doggie Bag". I'm really enjoying being creative.
Here are the pictures of the pups I snapped in the bed yesterday. They are seriously spoiled.
Mr. P spoiled me a little and bought me a couple purses and a new wallet. I don't normally like his tastes, but I kept one of the purses and a wallet. The other purse I told him looked grandma-ish, so he gave it to his Sister-in-Law.
Mr. P took me on a date last night to go with the purses :) We went to the cheap theater (it's $2/per person) cheaper for us to go to the theater than rent a DVD. We saw Despicable Me (cute, but not great) and had Logan's for dinner (I had gift cards). The whole date cost us about $10 :) I have no idea how much the purses/wallet set Mr. P back though.
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  1. I know it's Monday but I'm still hopping from Friday ... I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

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