Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wasted Wednesday

I feel so sluggish today. Maybe I took too long to drink my coffee? I've been getting enough sleep lately, but I still wake up tired :( Mr. P wants to get a new mattress, so maybe that would help. I think I am a little on edge about my results at the doctor that I probably won't know until next week, since this is a holiday weekend. 

We are going to be super busy this weekend. Mr. P is working all weekend, but has Friday off, so we are having a BBQ after work (I need to plan the menu by tomorrow!). Then Saturday, I sort of volunteered to help one of my friends paint her kitchen. We were just gonna let the dogs hang out, but somehow I volunteered to paint and bring a snack!
I'm still trying to finish my book, so I would like to get that finished this weekend too. So what should be a relaxing weekend is now super busy. I'd like to do some retail therapy, but I haven't felt like doing much of that either :/ I'm hoping it's just pms and my mood turns around quickly. I think I will research my weekend menus and maybe get some work done :)

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