Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've had better....

Days! You dirty minds, lol. My day has started out sort of blah. Well last night ended sort of bad and carried over to this morning. I know I'm pushing it out of proportion, but I don't feel like I was in the wrong! It's hard to explain and I don't wanna make Mr. P look bad, but I am not happy with him right now and it's totally affecting my whole day :( so I'm gonna pout and hope my day starts getting better. Maybe something will inspire me to write a happy uplifting post today. Maybe?


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  1. I think its an awesome thing that you don't bash your guy to the unknowns that read this, way to go to you! Don't worry, stuff happens, and the best thing to do is to change your attitude towards what happened. You can't change his mind, but you can change yours. Stress takes a toll, but take a step back, and breathe.