Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blonde Moment - Baking Fail :(

Just so everyone knows, my natural hair color is dirty blonde, so I can make all the blonde jokes I want :P Last night, I was in a productive mood and decided to make my pecan snowballs. It's a simple recipe and they are perfect snack size to throw in a treat bag, tie with a pretty ribbon and use as an office co-worker gift. Perfect, if you know how to bake correctly :(
The recipe said to line cookie sheets with parchment paper. (Keep in mind, I go to school for pastry arts) Anyways, after going through every drawer in my kitchen all I have is wax paper. For some reason, I've always gotten the two confused, but I figured they were interchangeable. I mean, they look the exact SAME! Big huge, baking FAIL! I kept smelling crayons while I was making my delicious corned beef Rubens and the wax ended up melting onto the bottom of the cookies and the cookies hardened to the paper :( There were maybe 10 cookies I was able to salvage :( Oh well. I will have to try again after I go shopping.
I'm feeling blah again and have no idea why. The doctor switched my medication, but going to the store right now isn't on my priority list. I've had zero energy, but been trying to do little things around the house to make my life easier. Yesterday I wrapped presents for an hour, tried baking extra cookies. I need to bake bake sale cookies and a peppermint cheesecake for Mr. P's family Christmas this weekend. I won't be home until 7 tonight, so another long day at the office :( Is it Friday yet?


  1. oi vey busy busy! I have baking to do, presents to buy still then wrap i am feeling the pressure lol.

  2. eek, that sounds like a fiasco. you have to admit, tho, it's pretty funny coming from someone going to pastry school-it's good, it means everyone makes mistakes and others (ie me) with zero baking skills shouldn't feel intimidated. i say that, but i still won't bake, lol. presents. i have yet to tackle wrapping of any presents. gift bags are my friend!

  3. I've also substituted baking soda for baking powder. Oops! Oh well, more practice right? I know royal icing by heart finally.