Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is Over!! Presents!!!!

I'm happy, does that make me a bad person? I don't care :p We rushed and drove all over to see everyone. I'm glad we did, but this girl is tired! There wasn't anything I had to have and nothing that I really told people to get me. They did a great job of guessing what to get me.

The Loot:
  • Various bakeware. Muffin pans, bundt pans, cookie sheets, cake dome, covered casserole dish, Ikea deep sized cupcake pan I've never seen before!
  • New Alarm clock!!! (I still don't know how to use the old one, 1.5 years later)
  • Gift Cards :) 
  • $$
  • Snowflake bracelet (picture soon)
  • Taste of Home Cookbook
  • Kitchenaid hand mixer (with accessories)
  •  Custom made Granite Cutting boards (long story)
  • Deep Fryer
  • Clothes
  • Tickets to events over the next 3 months :)
I'm sure there was more, but those were the major ones. Did you get what you wanted?
I strongly believe that Christmas is for the kids. So here's my cutie niece opening her presents. Obviously, she got beyond spoiled, but I enjoyed myself.
We started with trying to occupy her with decorating cookies...
Then we decided one present wouldn't hurt.
It turned into a hurricane in the living room.
Present from her daddy :) (it says Daddy's Princess)
My Aunt had these made for us. I love them and am going to keep them out all winter long :) (Where the white is, was our names)
I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe holiday!

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