Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Insurance Rant

Schedule dentist appt. CHECK
Schedule counseling, Nope she won't call me back
Get script filled, Nope since I'm not seeing counselor they will not give me meds.
Hmmmm, no offense to all you doctors out there, but OMG. Every time I call ANY doctor I have to schedule 2-3 appointments to get any issue resolved. They won't do anything the first appointment (and they charge you more for that appointment because you are new). Today I'll see my dentist who will no doubt, find a cavity. He will clean my teeth and make my gums hurt and then schedule another appointment to fill the cavity. Why can't they do it today? They'll tell me some bs lie, but really it's so they can charge my insurance for another appointment. 
Last year, I specifically said, my insurance runs out April 30, they schedule me April 28. I told them on the phone, I need everything done that day. They do a cleaning and tell me to schedule another appointment to get my cavity filled. When I inform them I only have to April 30, they let me know they accept cash. Wow! How nice of them! So that cavity will no doubt, require a second appointment.
Just like my doctors will only give me a 3 month script so they can see me and "review" how I'm doing. I understand this for certain meds with scary side effects, but birth control? Really? If it's that dangerous why prescribe it? 
I go to the doctor no less than once per month. I have various doctors for different things. My general doctor I have absolutely no use for. When I see her, she just refers me to a specialist, but she has to collect her office visit money too. Without her referral, I can't see the doctor I actually need to see. So to see the second doctor, I will pay double (2 co-pays).
I pay all this money for insurance each month, then have to pay co-pays to talk to the doctor or co-pays for medication. How about co-pays for labs? Yep, pay those too. I know there are people worse off than I am. I'm not terminally ill, just chronic medical problems that need constant attention.
I hate feeling taken advantage of, but I do!

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  1. You're absolutely right. The insurance thing in this country is outrageous and a downright scam.