Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Thoughts in my life today

1.) I have a migraine this morning that started right behind my eyes. The type you know that no amount of Tylenol will cure :( I know, I need new contacts/glasses and want to schedule that appointment before the end of the year, but that requires time and money and planning. Next.
2.) Everyone and their sister is pregnant right now in my life and it's making me sad. As I've shared, I was one of those lucky pregnant girls at one point in my life. God had other plans and took my son away from me at 21 weeks old :( I should have a 4.5 year old son to celebrate Christmas with and I just don't. I spoil my niece, other people's kids and my dogs, but it's not the same. I know that my time will come, but I'm getting impatient and I want to make things happen yesterday. Had a convo with Mr. P about it, he wants to do it the "right" way, which so do I, but make it happen already.
3.) I'm still having ovary pain and there is no end in sight. In order for me to work on #2, I need to get this all figured out. It's upsetting me, my doctor isn't doing more about it and their answer is to wait things out. I'm noticing I have no patience.
4.) I need to make an effort to make it to the gym. I'm paying $30/month for a membership I never use :/ I really should go, but I'm lacking energy almost every day :( I keep up with the dogs, but even that is difficult at the moment.
5.) I made a delicious dinner last night and wanted to post about it and share pictures, but I didn't take any pictures. I'm planning on making my bake sale cookies tonight and french onion soup for tomorrow. I have nothing planned for dinner tonight though.

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  1. I'm so sorry that things aren't exactly going your way right now. I have migraines too, and I still need to get my MRI of my brain because my Neurologist thinks I may have an aneurysm or have had a stroke.

    I'm also very sorry for your loss. The loss of a child is never easy and I truly hope that God blesses you again with such a precious gift. The hardest part is time. Hoping, month after month, for your pregnancy. Keep the faith and take comfort in knowing that when God plans it for you, it'll happen :).

    Getting to the gym is always the hardest part, isn't it?!

    I really hope everything works out for you :)

  2. I hope everything is ok with you! Thank you for the kind words. I'm feeling down at the moment, but I know my time will come.

  3. Happy holidays, Missy! I’ve been following your neat blog from Traveling Through Thursday blog hop. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. Stop by!

  4. I absolutely can not imagine the ache of losing not only your child, but your husband as well. Just thinking about what you must have gone through is enough to bring me to tears. It sounds trite, but just remember that everything works out in the end, even if the present is hard to bear. Feel better...

    Oh, and supposedly exercise is a natural stimulant and mood booster. It doesn't work for me, but my fiance swears by it. Force yourself to go to the gym two days a week for a few weeks and see if it helps...

  5. ahhh so much in common ~ Dont want to get into it on here in public but let me just say I feel you girl! And Keep your head up..Feel free to email me anytime to chat..You seem like an amazingly strong person..


    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  6. Missy Salsa, My heart goes out to you. I can empathise on some things and sympathise on others. This year has not been the best for me either, but lets be optimistic that next year is a better one for us both. Kind wishes