Monday, December 6, 2010

Such a crazy weekend, Cookie Pictures

I honestly, can not wait for the holidays to be over :( I didn't get two seconds to sit down the entire weekend and my brain is still going. I woke up 4 times last night from anxiety attacks while I slept. I need to slow down!
I was able to get my niece to see Santa and make a few Christmas crafts on Saturday morning. We took her out to lunch. By the time I got home I needed a nap. I woke up and it was dark outside.
I did some shopping for the cookie party Sunday and Walmart kept one of my bags! The cashier was a sweetheart so it was a total accident, but still. Sunday morning I had to wake up early on my way to my friend's to "claim" my bag. They couldn't find it, so they sent me through the store to gather my things again. Glad I didn't have to re-buy the same items, but there went more time. I spent 5 hours baking and googling over my god son. Got home, went to dinner, did some Christmas shopping, went home watched a movie and passed out.
I'm at 95% of my holiday shopping done. I have about 60% of my desserts cooked for the season. It's safe to say, I am stressed out!!! Work is somehow busier than ever as well. I hope everyone else had a better weekend. Any tips on how to get everything done? Tonight is my niece's Christmas pictures. Another crazy day that won't end until 10pm tonight :( 

Here are the only pictures I took @ the Bake day yesterday. And of course, didn't take a picture of my peppermint bark. I will take one after work today :)

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  1. WOW! You definitely have a full agenda and it's only December 6th!
    To me the holidays is mostly busy time and stress, I live away from family so they are not very excited to me anymore.
    Ever heard of Bach's Flowers? I take them during this time of stress and ups/downs, party and all. I really recommend them to you.
    Just visiting from Mingle Monday, have a great holiday season!!!

  2. if it makes you feel less stressed i have done ZERO decorating or shopping lol!! I am freaking! Hope those anxiety attacks stop, those are really rough.

  3. Hi Missy!

    I'm with you on the stress level! Mine has been a little high the past few days as well. I just try to remember I am only one person, and what gets done...gets done. I hope that makes you feel a little better.

    Amyway, I'm stopping by from the Monday hop, and would appreciate a visit when you get time.

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