Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am beeehind! And the Dentist

I finished a book I want to review. My house looks like a tornado of papers and toys and Christmas presents, Oh My! I promised Mr. P I would clean tonight, but that was before little Mercedes woke me up every 15 minutes last night. I also need to send out Christmas cards, I am behind!
I have the recipe for Peppermint Whoopie Cookies I will share later this week. I have new found respect for working moms. I only have two dogs and I'm exhausted and it's only Tuesday!
Next year I'd like to boycott Christmas, it's too much work. I only do most of it for my niece. I hope everyone has a less hectic Tuesday then I do!
The positive this week is my dentist was able to squeeze me in tomorrow. Of course he'll spend two minutes peeking around in my mouth before telling me I have one cavity that he will fill next time and his next opening will be Jan 3, after my insurance money restarts for the year :( I did this last year about a week before my insurance was set to stop and that's what happen, so it's probably the cavity I never got filled because he milks my insurance company.


  1. The last cartoon is really funny, I have an uncle that is a dentist so I will definitely share that with him, LOL!
    Can I join u on your idea of boycotting Christmas next year? In fact how about I give it a start this year and let you know my result... will think about it! Have a great day and good luck at the dentist :)

  2. Please! I don't have my own kids, so not sure why I bother. It puts me in a great mood, but so stressful leading up to it.