Thursday, December 9, 2010

Note to Guys I work with...

To Work Guy #1: If you do not want advice on Christmas presents for your wife, do ask me directly (while shoving chocolate covered peanuts in your mouth) "What should I get for my wife?" And then tell me No, she doesn't want that.

Work Guy #2: I don't care about you're wife being pregnant, AGAIN and how perfect her pregnancy has been. I remember you crying the first time you found out your wife was pregnant and now with a second one on the way, I can't stand you. You don't raise your daughter now as it is and shuffle her back and forth between your in-laws and your parents. Why would you bring another baby into the picture? Because you wanted a boy, IS NOT a valid reason!

To MR. P: Beware! I may be pms'ing :( Bring home chocolate!


  1. is it wrong that i am focusing on the chocolate covered peanuts part! ha!

  2. I think guys PMS (although they would NEVER admit it!!!)!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have avoided the 3, yes 3, containers of chocolate covered raisins on my desk. And guys totally PMS, it might be a contact pms, but whatever. They still turn into Mr. Crankypants.