Friday, December 3, 2010

My Christmas Planner & TGIF!

Last night, I made time to create my Christmas planner, finally! I definitely require some form of organization around this time of year and this is my solution. Last week I shared my list of printables (go here). 
Gathered my supplies (while trying to keep the pups from eating them).
(1/2" white view binder, set of 8 tabs, 1 pc cardstock, various stickers/embellishments, printed lists)
I then cut a 12x12 pc of paper down to 8-1/2 x 11. Decorated with embellishments and slid into front cover of binder.
Now write out tabs and insert in binder. I used cards, master list, gifts, budget and recipes. I have extra in case I find something else later.
Add printed lists behind appropriate tabs.
And this completes my Christmas Planner experience. I couldn't resist a quick pic of my Mercedes :)

And since I'm the only one in the office today, please excuse me if I happen to post a couple extra entries today :/ I have some lovely gift tags that I would love to share as well as find a recipe for bake sale cookies :) Feel free to comment all day to entertain me or email. I will gladly return the favor :) Only 5 and a half more hours to go!
Also, I did receive a couple rewards (I'm flattered!) and will probably post those today as well. Who doesn't love awards? It's like saying you have an awesome blog and we should totally be friends and our friends can be friends and our friends friends can be friends. You get the idea ;) I'll be posting that shortly.

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  1. Wow you are super organized!! I am impressed. I haven't done a single holiday thing yet. No gifts bought (the hubs and I are giving ourselves Netflix for Christmas so I won't have as many gifts to buy), no decorating done, no holiday baking... I'm really behind. Perhaps I need a notebook. But at this point, I would get my notebook done and the holidays would be over! I'm quite envious of yours!

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