Monday, November 22, 2010

Organizing Christmas

I'm a list girl. I make grocery lists, to do lists, birthday lists, cooking list. I will make a list for pretty much anything. I learned this trait at a young age at my job as a secretary and have applied it to all aspects of my life.
I forget things. Like minor things that don't matter, like my natural hair color, to huge things, like picking up Mr. P from a dr's appt (it only happened 1 time!).
So, back in September I stumbled across some Christmas Organization lists! I downloaded those pdf's and filed them for safe keeping. Now that it's "that time of year" I'm getting ready to print them off and start my Christmas 2010 Planner!
I found these here. They were part of the free printables, but so we're clear I didn't make these. I am just passing them along. 
They have a gift and budget spreadsheet, christmas card list, baking list, to do list, etc. Check them out! When I'm able to print them off and file them, I will show you my Organized Christmas Planner. Am I way too excited for Christmas? I get like this every year.


  1. Thanks for the lists - I'm a list girl too!!

  2. I live by them! I also use post-its on my already wrapped gifts (yes, I have wrapped a few presents already). It says what it is and who it goes to :)

  3. Thanks for stopping my blog from Mingle Monday!! Your pups are adorable!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  4. I feel ya. My mom always made me make a list of the things I needed to do and I started doing it in school with homework and I try to make a list for the day, I am definitely more organized and better motivated that way!