Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Blog Hoppin'

I can not believe it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. I'm glad we aren't hosting more than a couple informal get togethers over the holiday season. I was going to share my lasagna dinner from last night, but it was a complete FAIL. Mr. P still liked it, but I forgot to add the meat. It was vegetarian so healthy at least! I ended up making taco soup this morning with the meat that was still in the frying pan on top of the oven. Guess I should have had that on my list right?
I decided to participate in a few blog hops today. So leave me a message if you stop by :)

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1.) My brother to come home for the holidays. I know he's fighting for our country, but I miss him sooooo much!
2.) To spend some quality time with my man. His work schedule has gotten crazy with the holidays and we're pretty much on a phone relationship until January of next year :( Thanksgiving will be our last day to hang out together and we're going to see family and then I'm going up north so I don't even get to sleep next to him :(

You've just been given $500. You have 24 hours to spend it and can spend it on anyone/anything other than yourself. How do you spend it?

$300 - buy my school books :( I can't believe they are going to cost me that much for two class. I'm very unhappy.
$200- send the money to my brother. He's overseas, not making a ton of money and I know he will just spend it on my niece :) Also, he just found out someone stole his Best Buy Credit Card and has racked up a huge bill. They don't even have a Best Buy in Japan :(

My best Black Friday Tip is know your sales early. I've been scoping out the sales since mid-October. I have found several websites that post the ads as they are released or "leaked" and I've joined their mailing lists. My favorite is www.bfads.net go there! They let you save a printable customized list by store and have alot of helpful information. They also include what time stores open :) 2am Friday morning to get to Kohl's/Old Navy by 3am. I think I qualify as crazy :) I know I missed yesterday :( I'll try to post that later.


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  4. Buying school books is never fun. I got to a point where I just stopped buying them. Thankfully there was a guy whole lived in my dorm that had mostly the same classes and professors as I did and he came from a wealthy family that bought all his college needs and he didn't mind sharing his books with me ha!

    Hopefully your brother is able to sort things out with the best buy thing. :(

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  5. I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving either! Crazy that the holidays are already here!!

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