Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Review: Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Summary from
Grade 9 Up—Kristina Snow was a 17-year-old with high grades and a loving family. In Crank (S & S, 2004), one summer in California with a meth-addicted boyfriend destroys her life. Addicted, she's raped, and goes back home to Reno pregnant. Glass picks up a year later. She lives with her mother and works at a 7–11. Depressed about her post-baby figure, she goes back on speed to lose weight. Her mother kicks her out and gains custody of the baby. She continues to spiral to the last page, which sets readers up for a third novel. Glass is even more terrifying than Crank in its utter hopelessness; meth's power is permanent and Kristina is an addict whether she uses or not. Though her recount of events in the first book is dry and self-indulgent, the pace snowballs as soon as she takes her first toke of rock meth, and one desperate, horrifying measure or decision follows another. Like Crank, this title is written in verse, but certainly not poetry.

My response: This book was another quick read and I loved it. There were some gaps though because in Crank, the father knew about the baby, but in Glass she is trying to not let the dad know he has a baby. (I hate plot holes) Kristina is once again taken under by the monster and pretty much abandons her child in favor of getting high and finding out how to support her habit. Her lovely father makes a guest appearance to meet his new grandson, Hunter. Kristina, again, goes for the wrong guy and it leads her down a destructive path. I can't wait to read the next one and see where it leads. Again, not recommending to these books to anyone under the age of 18. Yes, it's cautionary, but a bit too graphic for my tastes.


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