Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Review: The Dopefiend by JaQuavis Coleman

This books follows the life of a junkie, Hazel (21 years old), around Flint, MI as she tries to get her fix and the extent she will go to for her next high. Her dad, Apple, is currently serving a life sentence in Jackson, MI (for drug trafficking) and his "mini-me" Seven tries to get Hazel clean (even though he is also a drug trafficker). Her best friend, Millie, is 10 years her senior and what is considered a "functioning addict" (or was at one point).
The first 3/4 of the book captivated my attention and made me really feel for Hazel. Her mother died young, so her estranged father became responsible for her and showed her how to run a drug business. It was quite sad and when he was imprisoned she was cared for by an elderly neighbor until she became a ward of the state. While in juvie, she became close with a drug counselor, Millie that introduced her to heroin and she became an addict.
Hazel does horrible things in order to get her fix. Stealing, robbing and selling her body are traded for the elusive drug. I didn't like the ending, it seemed to slow down and I found myself not caring what the outcome was. Without giving anything away anything, this is the second book in a triliogy, but I didn't feel lost not reading book 1. I won't go out of my way to read the other two books. It was graphic and not for anyone under 18.
I enjoyed the book being based in Flint (MI represent, lol) and Hazel's story was interesting, but devastating. Due to the ending, I really wouldn't recommend it.

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