Monday, November 8, 2010

I hate Mondays! - Skittles Vodka

My weekend was again, too short! I think everyone should strike for a 3 day weekend, I hate working 5 days and then only getting 2 days off. I have entirely too much to do. I feel like crying I have been so overwhelmed. Mr. P called about adding me to his health insurance under a domestic partnership (he was tipped off by a former employee, but lucky me) which his company refuses to recognize. I have been trying to focus solely on school to finish and that will never happen :(
I register for classes tomorrow. I'm hoping to take 3 classes and shorten my work schedule (not sure how my boss will feel) but I have 6 classes left to get my 2nd associates degree. If I'm unable to get into the classes I want, I will be forced to transfer to a different school over an hour away and pay the higher tuition and commute :(
I hate how everything in this world takes money, YUCK. Yes, I guess I'm in a bitter mood, but if you didn't get that from the title, well I have to blame you. The extra hour of sleep did zero for my mood.
On a happy note, we are having a girl's weekend @ my friend's this weekend to celebrate my birthday :) Finally, something good. Only bad news is Mr. P doesn't want to go. He wants to, but would have to stay the night and worry about the dogs and get up early for work the next morning. Oh well, more skittles vodka for us girls! Oh yes, skittles vodka :) I will pass on the recipe for you lovlies in case anyone is interested.


There are just two ingredients in this: vodka and skittles.

You need to end up with 180g of each flavor of skittle. Since skittles are approximately 1g each, you can accomplish this with 180 skittles. We used two 450g bags for our experiment -- other bag sizes are perfectly acceptable.

(Of course, if you want the vodka to be more flavorful, you could definitely try more skittles than this.)

The vodka quality is actually pretty important. We found that using middle-quality vodka created an end-result that tasted a lot like medicine (particularly the cherry flavor). I would suggest using a better-or-best-quality vodka instead. 

step 2Creation

Remove the labels from each bottle by soaking them in warm water. This makes it easier to see the dissolving process.

Sort the skittles into different bowls based on color. We weighed ours with a scale to make sure we had approximately the same amount for each bottle.

Remove and reserve a small amount of vodka from each bottle -- around 1/8th of the bottle.

Drop the skittles by color into each bottle.

Top off the bottles with the reserved vodka. Enjoy the leftovers at your leisure.

Give each bottle a good shake to get the dissolving process started. 

step 3Filtration

Once all the skittles have dissolved in each bottle, it's time to filter. For us, this process was pretty quick: almost all the skittles had dissolved by the next day.

The best method that we found for  was to run the liquid through a filter made of several layers of paper towels pushed down into a strainer. It'll take a while and the stuff left in the paper towels will be pretty gross, but it's worth it in the end. Or a coffee filter can be used.



  1. I've been wanting to try this for ages, maybe I'll get round to it for Christmas. They look gorgeous! X

  2. I know how you feel, my weekend flew by! It's totally unbalanced to work five days and only get two off