Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

Obviously MARvelous

I am in a good mood today (finally)! I can't wait to do some shopping after work (even though we went and picked out a brand new king size bed last night!) We invited Mr. P's mom over for a holiday dinner in a couple weeks, so I'm in impress-the-mom-mode. I'm also trying to get her to do my hair, but I sorta feel like I'm taking advantage. In the (close to) 2 years I've been dating Mr. P, I've met her once. Ya, they aren't close. She has a masters in cosmetology but I don't want her to feel obligated to do my hair, but I would like to do something other than a ponytail :/ (selfish?)
Oh well, 2 days to girl's night to celebrate MY birthday! I made pot roast for dinner, my crockpot is getting a work out this week! Oh, and today being Vetran's day, Thanks to my lil bro who is putting his life on the line. We miss him so much, next September can't come fast enough! 
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  1. Happy Thursday! New follower, hope you can come by for a visit.