Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkin Roll Attempt #1

Ok, so my pumpkin roll attempt #1, MAJOR FAIL. Just look wise, taste was amazing. I used the recipe from aumie @ Crafts, cooking and whatever else I get into (her recipe). Hers looks cute and great, mine looked like this:
I think I got impaitent waiting for it to cool (or I added extra pumpkin) but it broke when I went to "roll". So instead I stacked strips and layered with the filling. It still turned out yummy :)

And it went great with our dinner :) I found an easy rib recipe for the country ribs on sale ($0.99/lb) at the store today. I added some potatoes, and biscuits with a salad. Super and easy and yummy :) Mr. P loved it and I finally get to spend some time with him. Enjoy your weekend!
Here's the dinner


  1. I impatient with cooking too! Maybe next time will work out better for you! Good deals on the food! :)

  2. Awww...I've had mine burst a little before with too much filling and just kept rolling. They can get messy but it's so delicious!