Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too Happy not to Post

Not sure what was slipped in my coffee this morning, but give me some more! I feel super productive, when in reality I haven't done any more today than a normal day, but do I feel good :)
Also, shopping after work is getting me giddy. I'm also thinking of having a bake-a-thon tonight! Finally make some banana muffins.
Wow, those look awesome. I also would like to bake this pumpkin cheesecake.

 Substituting splenda of course.  I would also like to make cheddar and bacon scones. The perfect hangover food for Sunday morning :) Not sure how far in advanced I can make them though (and I need bacon).
*wipes drool* As soon as I hit the door to the house, my beautiful pot roast is going to smell yummy. I have a couple books to read, a few shows on my DVR and some comfy pants to hang out in. Life is so much better happy :)

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