Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Birthday...

Happy birthday to me yesterday. I don't mind my birthday, I usually like it since I'm young enough to not mind getting another year older. Unfortunately my weekend took a nosedive :( Spending all that time around family is bound to hit a rough patch. I went shopping and went to dinner, but was being bashed on Facebook by family and mean texts all over not showing up for Black Friday. I give up on my family.
And I'm cranky. PMS'ing and exhausted. I'm also self-diagnosing myself via WebMD and currently in debt from this weekend's shopping extravaganza,but I am 80% done Christmas Shopping. It was all worth it. Stop by tomorrow for my Thanksgiving recap or a more light-hearted post.
I cooked/baked alot so I will have tons of recipes to share. Back to work :(

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