Thursday, December 9, 2010

Neighbor Gift Ideas and My honey's gift

Mr P and I are lucky to have the most amazing neighbors ever. They are a bit older than us with 2 boys around 12 and 13 :) They love the dogs and play sports like it's no one's business. (Currently, an ice rink is being installed jointly in our two backyards which they do every year). Anyhow, the father is semi-retired and lets the dogs out for us while we're at work, cuts our grass, shovels snow, rakes leaves etc. Basically, the best neighbor in the world. From time to time, we I take the boys to hockey games or have them over to play with the dogs, use the computer, eat a snack. Anyways, what should I get this family for Christmas? I'm thinking we can spend around $50 and it should be a family present (something they can all use or enjoy). Any ideas? The boys play sports, the Dad likes to go to the casino, the mom works, the parents smoke cigars. They have been amazing to us and I'd like to do something nice for them. I've thought a nice gift basket, but trying to personalize it a little bit for them.

And then, I came up with an idea for Mr. P's "big" Christmas presents. We are on a budget for this holiday season and aren't doing anything extravagant. I usually go overboard, but this year I think I'm keeping my spending in check. Anyways, he has two leather coats, black and brown, that have gotten their wear. His brown is still in pretty good condition but he has mentioned how much he has been wanting a peacoat. I found him a reasonably priced on at JC Penny that I think he will love. I have a $10 off coupon which brings it to the $60 mark. In addition to that, I purchased various tools on Black Friday and a couple little things he needs for the house. I kept it under $200 and I have his birthday present purchased and waiting in my email. I'm glad he was so simple this year :)
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