Monday, October 18, 2010

Commencement, Part 2!

I finished the book last weekend and I'm so glad I participated in the Book Club. I can't wait to see what book is next. I am a bit of a fast reader so I got anxious waiting for the questions :x

1. What parts of the book could you most relate to? Least relate?
I was able to relate pretty well to Sally and everything she had going on throughout most of the book (minus my mom dying). I had a hard time relating to feminist values and the all girl college experience. I also lived off campus, so I did not acquire the same type of friendships that the girls in the book and other readers were able to.
2. If the author were to write another novel that followed one of the girls onto her next step of life, which one would you want it to be about? Whose story would you want to follow more of?
I would be interested in Celia's life after finishing this book. Seeing how her life in NY pans out and if she settles down. I think the author left the ending open and more geared towards a book that would follow Bree more easily by bringing her and Lara back together.
3. What surprised you the most about this book?
I wasn't surprised that April was alive, if that's what you're getting at. As soon as she "vanished" I was pretty sure Ronnie had something to do with it. It just seemed fishy and in my head, April wasn't one to get killed by a pimp, she was a tough-looking girl that was able to take care of herself.
4. Which character did you look forward to reading about the most?
I really enjoyed following Sally's journey and her relationship with her husband.I loved how attentive he was while she was pregnant and I laughed at how her and her mother-in-law didn't get along. Sally played the role of pretty little rich girl and her marrying Jake stemmed from losing her mother so early and needing companionship.
5. Did this book meet your expectations? 
I stayed away from the feminist issues, it wasn't something that I was interested in. I liked the different dynamics of the girls relationships. I liked how it followed the girls through college and then afterward and how they stayed friends (strained or not). I would recommend this book (and have!) to someone looking for a good quick read. I blew through this book in about 5 or 6 hours total (I am a bit of a quick reader) but it was good weather book. 


  1. I thought Jake was so cute during Sally's pregnancy! I thought their relationship was fun to read about and I was glad that Celia and Bree finally seemed to catch on that Jake was good for Sally.

  2. hi! visiting from mingle monday! i absolutely love book clubs and must find one to participate in! looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. I jeally enjoyed reading Commencement. I love reading about people growing up. I really liked Sally and Celia. I really really like Sally and Jake! I felt like I related most to them, since they were newlyweds and so am I. I love that you are in the book club... I am thinking about joining now!

  4. Thanks for reading my thoughts on this book! It was a good read, but once was enough in my opinion. Can't wait to move on to our next book!

  5. I agree with #3. I knew there had to be more to April's disappearance. Ronnie was making the media rounds a little to much for me. I knew she had to know more.

  6. I agree about April's disappearance being "fishy" felt like the author led us to believe it wasn't true with the way she set up Ronnie's Character. She was obviously someone who wasn't truly trustworthy.

    Glad you participated!!