Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday! My recent books

I am beyond exhausted. I have a blood test scheduled for tomorrow to figure out why I'm so sluggish all the time. Hopefully they are able to nip this in the bud. Anyways, last night Mr. P worked late so it was me and the pups. We cleaned out the DVR by watching all my shows and even watched 20 minutes of a movie from Netflix, it was that bad. I did some mild cleaning and started feeling dizzy again, so I laid down watched some tv and finished my book, Commencement. So now I'm waiting for the questions to be posted for next week.
I'm currently also reading Crazy Love. 
It has been ama-zing so far. I see sort of a paralell to my relationship with my ex. I am getting a better understanding of why I stayed so long. Summary of the book (courtesy of Amazon.com) : 
As a young editor at Seventeen magazine, recovering from a history of alcoholism that permeated her family, Steiner met a man she thought was a knight in shining armor. Handsome and charming, Conor had a more troubled background than her own, raised in poverty in Boston by an abusive mother. Deep in vulnerability and denial, she let down her defenses and justified every time he struck her, even as he got progressively more violent. She gave up her magazine job and moved with Conor to a small town in Vermont and later to Chicago, where they both pursued MBAs. Along the way, she took on financial and emotional debt as Conor became increasingly more demanding and violent. He nearly killed her before she found the strength to admit to herself and others what was going on.
Great read. Next book on my list to read and currently sitting on my nightstand:

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