Friday, October 22, 2010

Fondant, Marshmallows, Chocolate & Blog Hopping!

My Wee View


I'm blog hopping today!!! It's no boss Friday, so even though I'm stuck @ work until 330, I'm online shopping and drooling over cakes :) I squeeze in work when I find time :p I am exhausted, my bestie came over last night and helped me color fondant and make chocolate covered marshmallows. I also baked 3 cakes for stacking. I'm pretty prepared for my cake making this evening. Here are some pictures to share....
Colored Fondant
Melted chocolate....

Smashed graham crackers

Pink sprinkles
Smore's Pop
A lot of pops :)
Super simple and fun to make :) Tonight I will be making cake pops with leftover cake scraps!

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