Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Thanks!

Ok, I know I complain about my work, but I am thankful to have a job. I really am. Some days I just feel as though the stress isn't worth the money :( From the time I wake up until I fall asleep (even during my dreams sometimes) I think about work and what needs to be done, what is coming up, did I send out the check? Do I need to order x, y and z? I love the guys I work with (I'm the only girl!) and the job I've gotten pretty good at over the years (I've been there 7!?!?!?!) Any tips for leaving work @ work?
I HAVE to start cooking @ home and healthy, I have been slacking. I've been beyond tired lately, I think it's the weather. I have a Taste of Home cooking class tonight with my mom. This weekend is one of my bff's birthday, we call her Dora! LOL, I have to bake a cake for girl's night on Saturday. We try to have a girl's night once a month, but stuff happens. I skipped last month's and my SIL is skipping this month's because Saturday is her man's birthday too. Cake & shots, yumm lol.
That is the cake I'm attempting :) Oh and did I mention my mom's 50th birthday is @ the end of the month? My cousin is trying to pin me down to throw a surprise party. It's nice and everything but she has no clue how busy I am. I'd love to work 3 days a week (like she does), but I don't. So I'm trying to make lists and I have to make a cake for her as well. I'm thinking a 2-3 tier cake but I'm not sold on a design yet. 

I keep busy I know. My SIL birthday is next week too and she wants a cake :( I should really get paid for this stuff....
I have also vowed to finish decorating my house for Halloween this weekend. I want to pick and carve pumpkins, hang my wreath, make and paint my sign and all the other various decorations I have bought. My life sure stays busy. Grocery shopping after work tonight, I napped last night and it was awesome!

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