Monday, October 4, 2010

Manic Monday

I'm beyond swamped and have lil time to update everyone on my weekend :( I was excited too cuz I sorta went on a shopping spree at the outlet malls and wanted to show off my new finds. Well I did manage to find some boots and will look them up and post hopefully tomorrow.
I have a dr. appt scheduled for 3pm today, they just called and asked what the earliest I can get there is because a patient went into labor. Ok, well that's fine and dandy, but not my problem (no offense preggo chicks) but I made the appt. fair and square I should get to keep it. There are other doctors that can help her, my dr. can't deliver every baby right? I know, I'm being selfish. I'm leaving work at 1pm to get there by 2 (it's not a whole hour, but I haven't been there yet) so time for traffic and getting lost. Compromise right? I will try to put up another post soon about the weekend :)

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