Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I WISH....

work would slow down :( I've been so swamped lately I barely have time to eat. Seriously, I had a snack size bag of cheetos and a yogurt so far today and it's almost 2:30! My mom had me do her a favor at lunch, so it was pretty much skipped, but still. It's not the norm for me to have to rush through everything. 

I was able to see my niece last night and she was so cute. She's 3, adorable and says the cutest things. She got to meet Mercedes last night and when we were driving to my mom's she told us how Mercedes was going to need a nap because she "looked" tired. How does a puppy look tired? Riley also wanted to know where the baby (puppy)'s pacifier was? She's a baby and needs her paci auntie! LOL, so cute. I love that little girl so much.
I'm feeling completely drained. My SIL that I went shopping with on Saturday found out she has pneumonia, which I probably got. I've been feeling blah since Saturday :( I think I'm going to get out my new sweats and curl up on the couch tonight and maybe read more of my book. BTW, reading commencement, I love it! Check it out if you get a chance.

I went to the dr and got my second opinion. Her suggestion was birth control to help stop cysts from forming and stopping my ovulation. I'm undecided how I feel. Mr. P and I talked about engagement last night. We aren't engaged, but eventually. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to start it now. I just hate taking more pills than I need to and my other dr. never saw it as a problem. Guess we will see. That's all for now.

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