Monday, October 4, 2010

Some of My Finds

 I got these shoes in black and gray plaid, not purple
I bought mostly clothes for work :) I am really loving leggings and tunics so I bought a couple. Pair them with my new boots and I'm set :)

Bought this is black, but it has short sleeves. It looks better in black.
I filled the back of my car :) It rained but was a good day to waste the day. Spent all day with future SIL and had a ton of fun. This isn't everything but most of what I can find online. It's outlet so it's not usually what you find in the stores. Bath and Body Works had a huge sale and had hand soap marked down to $1.25 regular around $4 on sale. Hello easy Christmas Presents! Ok, that's all for now.

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  1. LOVE those boots!!! Way to go shopping. I need and want to :( Hope things are getting better with Mr. P.