Friday, October 1, 2010

Fab Friday!!!

OK, so I am aware that I've been quieter than usual and skipping  failing to link up to blog hops lately. Honestly, work has been killer. The relationship with Mr. P has been stressed due to money issues (more of lack of). Also, my overall well being has been blah! After seeing my dr yesterday she said more gym time, plan my meals out in advance and focus on me. Mostly, figure out how to be healthy and work and have a relationship and run around and do everything exactly how you should, yeah right.
So yesterday, I tried to make a healthy penne, broccoli and chickpea pasta. GROSS! I got the recipe from myrecipes (here) and it was just plain gross, even Mr. P complained. I got my etsy purchases where I bought some dog treats for Cookie's party :) They are so cute, brownies lil rose buds yogurts, rawhides dipped in nuts. I'll take some pictures.
I bought a couple gift certificates off for $2.40 and that's for ($60) worth of food! They have a sale for 90% off! We are going apple picking and then to the Wings game, so we will probably grab lunch on our way to the game. You still have to spend x amount and leave a tip, but still. We easily spend $40-$60 eating one meal downtown. This should cut it in half maybe?
I haven't started any crafts really, but I want to get around to my sign this weekend. Also I want to do some thrift store shopping. I'm not sure of their hours so I never stop by after work. I'm also making a trip to Marshall's this weekend for boots. Today I wore 4" stilettos and a skirt, sort of a last of summer because starting this weekend the weather will be dropping :( I do love fall though!
I'm baking a cake for my mom's bf tonight with my niece, I owe a guy at Mr. P's work Oatmeal Raisin cookies for the hockey tickets too. Add in my shopping and that's my whole weekend :)
Anyone seen Letters to Juliet? That's the movie for the weekend.

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  1. I used to use restaurant dot com but some of the restaurants we like quit using them. Not only that, sometimes we ended up paying more than if we would of just gone in and eaten without the money off.

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